The Healing Power of Trips into Nature

How a walk in the woods can boost your mental health.

John Muir once wrote that ‘the clearest way into the universe is through a forest wilderness’. It’s a fact that many – including scientists – have found to be true. 

Many cultures have recognised our link to the natural world and the impact it has on our mind, body and soul for hundreds of years. But in our busy, urban lives, it’s a link that’s easy to lose sight of. 

With today’s digitally-centred society leaving our minds drained, it’s never been more important to rediscover our connection to the natural world and the healing power of nature. 


Nature and Mental Wellbeing

The natural environment is a healing tool. Scientific research shows that there’s an undeniable link between spending time in nature and increased mental wellbeing. 

An oasis within the landscape of our hectic lives, nature gives us a break from the constant noise of the modern world. In nature, we can rest, feel a sense of belonging and reconnect with the innate part of ourselves that is so connected to the earth. 

It takes us away from our emails, social media, TV, work – everything that claims so much of our intense attention. Instead, nature demands little of us and our attention is captured easily in a more broad, peaceful and inquisitive way. 

We don’t need to turn our backs on society and make our home in the wild to reap the benefits nature so generously provides. A study by the University of Exeter found that those who spent just two hours a week in nature were more likely to feel healthy and a sense of well-being compared to those who don’t. So how exactly can we embrace nature as a healing tool?

The Practice of Forest Bathing

Despite what the name might have you picturing, forest bathing doesn’t require you to soak in a tub full of pine needles, nor to take a dip in a stream that runs through some woodland. 

Originating from Japan, the practice is called “shinrin-yoku”, which translates to “forest bathing” or, more aptly, “taking in the forest atmosphere”. It’s about surrounding yourself with nature, taking it in, and reconnecting. 

It sounds simple – and it is. But there’s more to it than just strolling through a wooded area. Instead, the concept calls you to go deeper and to move about the forest more mindfully. 

Spend some time among the trees and it doesn’t take long to truly understand.  

Notice the sunlight, dappled by the canopy above, casting its glow over the forest floor. Breath in deep, inhaling the sweet smell of damp moss. Hear the forest melody; a heady mix of bird song, insects, rustling leaves and small twigs that snap underfoot. 


How Forest Bathing can Help us Heal

The benefits of forest bathing, both to our mental well-being and to our physical health, have been proven time and time again. 

Taking in the sounds, sights and smell of the forest increase mindfulness. As our eyes trace the leaves, the trees, the creatures, it sparks childlike curiosity and inquisitiveness within us. The natural fragrance of some trees releases phytoncides, compounds that calm our fight or flight response. Our breathing slows down, the chatter in our minds quietens and we feel calm and grounded. We feel awe, we experience more gratitude, we feel happier. 

But it goes further still: it increases our physical health too. 

The same phytoncides that calm our fight or flight response also promote our natural killer cells, which support our immune system and help us fight cancer. And since we feel calmer, our blood pressure levels drop too.

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Our Wellness Retreats in Nature 

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With our expert guidance, you will welcome in all the healing tools Mother Nature provides and discover how transformative she can be.